Monday, 22 September 2014

The True Sixth Sense - Proprioception

There extremely may be a sixth sense: it’s known as proprioception. It’s the sense of position and movement. it's created by nerves in our muscles and connective tissues. While not proprioception, you couldn’t get up. You couldn’t such a lot as scratch your nose, as a result of you wouldn’t be ready to notice it.

What will proprioception “feel” like? It’s like asking a fish what water looks like. We have a tendency to can’t recognize, as a result of we have a tendency to cannot shut it off and it doesn’t alter the approach sights or sounds do. You can’t actually recognize what interoception looks like till it’s gone.

There is a really rare medicine condition that deprives folks of this extraordinary, little-known sense. King Oliver Sacks describes a case of it in his book, the person World Health Organization Mistook His woman for a Hat: “She continues to feel the loss of proprioception, that her body is dead, not-real, not-hers … she will notice no words for this state, and might solely use analogies derived from alternative senses ….”

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